from The New York Times:

"Oscar Romano, the chef, is also artistic, and a careful monitor of the seasons. No sooner do the first baby artichokes arrive in the market than Mr. Romano peels, trims and shreds the hearts, which he then lavishes with lemon and buries beneath slivered Parmigiana Reggiano so perfectly aged that it's almost caustic." - Fran Schumer


Oscar's Chef and Owner Oscar Romano began his career as a line cook in 1983 at the famed Archers Restaurant in Fort Lee, New Jersey. In 1985 Oscar was appointed Executive Chef of Fort Lee's Piccolissimo Restaurant, where he developed a menu that led to critical acclaim and "lines out the door at 10 o’clock on a Monday". In 1992 he departed to become the first Executive Chef of Englewood Cliffs' Grissini Restaurant, elevating the restaurant into a North Jersey institution.

Chef Romano again accepted the challenge of running the kitchen of a brand new Italian restaurant at Solaia in Englewood. Romano remained at Solaia for over a decade, turning it into one of New Jersey's premier upscale restaurants.

In 2012 Chef Romano decided to go out on his own. He bought Milano Ristorante, and in 2017 changed the name to Oscar's.